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300g Solid Hydrometer / Density Balance / Specific gravity meter

density balance plastic and rubber


Model: GMD-300A


GB/T533,ISO2781, ASTMD297-93, DIN 53479, ASTMD792, D618,D891, ISO1183, GB/T1033, ASTM D792-00, JISK6530, ASTM D792-00, JISK6530


This equipment is suitable to measure the solid density, it can fast measure the all kinds of shape solid density. It features light in weight, easy operation. It can test: rubber, plastic, grain, floating body, ceramic, PVC tubes, sheet material, plastic material, powder metal, magnetic material, rock, sponge, PE grain, cables.


Easy Operation, High Accuracy, Good Repeatability

Temperature Offset, Solution Offset Available

Rs232 Port Can Connect With Printer

Unibody Large Trough, Can Measure Large Massive Cake Object

Unibody Density Parts Features Durable In Use, Easy Operation

Equipped With Wind Proof, More Suitable For Field Operation

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range: 0.005-300g

Density Accuracy: 0.001g/Cm3

Net Weight: 5kg

Trough Dimension: 150*100*70mm(L*W*H)

Overall dimension: 190×218×170mm

Communication Port: RS232

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