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Model: CDW-8680 Applications This Refrigerator is suitable for storage of fish, low temperature test of electric components, special material, also storage of plasma, chemical materials, vaccine, reagent, easy to extract and storage. Features Refrigeration system: unique mixed-refrigerant J-T refrigerator design, …

Model: GZL-10 Description The freeze dryer is mainly used to storage the products that are easy to dehydrated, after filled with water, the product can recover to the initial status, no effect of biological activity; reach to dry status under …

  Model: FT-511E Standards: GB/T4668, ISO 7211.2  Description The digital fabric pick counter is specially used to test the fabric pick count. With portable high definition camera to acquire fabric photo, equipped with professional analysis software, thus can test the …

Model: FT-511B Standards: GB/T4668, ISO 7211.2  Description The fabric pick counter is specially used to test the fabric pick count. Technical specifications 1. Amplification times: 10x, 20x 2. Lens moving range: 0~50mm,  0~2″ 3. Scale resolution:1mm, 1/16″ 4. Overall dimension: …

Model: FT-342C Application The fabric friction electrostatic tester is used to test the electrostatic characters, it’s kind of common fabric testing equipment. Standards ISO 18080-2 Technical Specifications Voltage testing range: 0~10kv, accuracy: ≤±1% Sample rotation line speed: 190±10m/min Friction pressure: 500cn …

Model: NSCJ-1 Standards: SAE, ASTM, VDA, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Mazda, JIS, Nissan, VW, Toyota Description The Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer is used to perform below tests: external coating cohesiveness broken test, interlayer adhesiveness broken test, hardened glass brittleness thickness, anti-strip …

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