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  Model: HDTM-20 Description The dynamic elastic modulus tester is used to test the material strength by measuring its resonant frequency, it’s widely used in metallurgy, construction area to test the concrete, carbon, rock plate, glass, brick, plastics, metals. This model …

  Model: HTM-2 Description The elastics modulus tester is used to measure the concrete prism or cylindrical specimen elastics modulus under static force, it’s kind of very common concrete testing equipment. Technical specifications Dial gauge range: 0-1mm Dial gauge resolution: …

  Features Small in size, light in weight Easy operation like micrometer, can use in office or outside Reliable test results, equal accuracy with the desktop machine, complies to GB/T230.2 Traceable standard hardness block and test power Technical specifications Initial …

    Features Test data direct display Microprocessor control, step motor driven, Wide voltage and frequency range, power fluctuation won’t effect measuring accuracy Integration structure, easy operation Ultra-low viscosity adapter ( 0# rotor) available for ultralow viscosity ( 1.0~100.0mpa.s) measurement …

  Description Microprocessor control, step motor driven, digital display, programmable, automatic control, stable rotation speed, high accuracy, easy operation, error prompt; direct display of viscosity, rotation speed, torque, rotor number, liquid temperature information.   Technical specifications Rotor speed(r/min)  6,12,30,60 Standard …

  Model: CTM-2000P Description It’s mainly used to test the compression strength of brick, rock, cement, concrete and other construction material. It features high resolution sensitivity, compact structure, direct in reading, easy operation Technical specifications Term Spec. Max test force …

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