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Standards: GB/T9370-1999 ,JJG269-2006, ISO,JIS,ASTM,JIN Features 1. Full automatic test 2. Horizontal spring clamping 3. High accuracy, faster test speed. Functions Preset test parameters, can indicate test results with only one press Mainly test the spring torsion, torque, torsion angle, stiffness, …

Description It’s manual type spring testing machine, it can test the torsion angle, torsion, torque of multi kinds of springs. Standards: GB/T9370-1999, JJG269-2006,ISO,JIS,ASTM,JIN Features Mainly to test the torsion, torque, torsion angle, stiffness of various kinds of springs. If equipped …

Model: TLY-S Introduction Test types: compression, tension, free height, residue height, displacement, deformation, peak value, rigidness, strength Suitable batch test in production line and lab test Data storage, query, print Displacement and load free reset Test report directly print Programmable …

Standards:  GB/T239-1999 Description This is a new type digital metal wire torsion testing machine, it has three rotation speed, 30/60/120 rpm, its test diameter range is 0.1-20mm, the wire is clamped in hydraulic way, electric control on oil pressure, oil …

Model: NZ-W1000 Description This torsion testing machine is capable to perform static torsion test for many different kinds of materials and components, parts. It can test metal, nonmetal, and other components and parts such as transmission shaft, semi-shaft, screw, binder. …

HYH-880 Constant temperature humidity cement curing chamber

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