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Standards: JTG E42 T0322 Model: JCJ-3 Description The impact value test apparatus is used to test the instantaneous impact strength of coarse aggregate. Main structure 1. Release button 2. Adjusting button 3. Handle 4. Hook 5. Hit hammer 6. Vertical column …

Standards: ASTM C131, EN1097-2, AASHTO T-96, ASTM C 535 Model: LMH-2 Description The Los Angeles Abrasion Machine, also called as the LA abrasion machine for short, is used to determine the abrasion and impact resistance of coarse aggregates and by …

Model: APM-3 Description The accelerated polishing machine(PSV) is used to simulate the car wheel abrasion to the pavement surface, by accelerated grinding on the aggregate thus to get the aggregate polishing value, and estimate the aggregate abrasion resistance, thus to …

 Model: SNM-150 Description This machine is mainly used to test the cement mortar abrasion-resistance property, also it can be used to test concrete products and other non-metal products. Technical specifications 1. Applied specimen: 150×150(mm) 2. Thickness: 20-70mm/150mm 3. Main shaft …

ASTM D 1556  – AASHTO T 191 Description The Sand Cone Apparatus is used to determine the density of  soil in-field, that can be excavated to a stable condition with hand tools. This method is generally limited to materials with …

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