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Model: HZ-20/20A Application The gasoline driven core drilling machine is mainly used in two aspects, first is horizontal hole drilling, suitable for road/track spike installation, road pile installation, bridge drilling hole, pile foundation drilling; the second is coring, coring road …

 Model: DKZ-5000 Application: The Electric flexure testing machine is used to test the flexure strength of cement mortar and other non-metal brittle materials.  Technical Specification  1. Max. lever ratio: 10:1 2. Double lever ratio: Max. 50:1 3. Loading speed: 50N/S …

Standards: JTG E20-2011, T0702-2011 Model: MJ-0702/0702A Description It is professional specimen forming machine for Marshall stability test, it’s kind of very common Road engineering laboratory test equipment. Main features 1. Microprocessor intelligent control 2. Compaction number preset, 0-999times 3. Sturdy …

  Model: BM-3 Description The British Pendulum Skid Resistance and Friction Coefficient Tester is used to measure the pavement friction coefficient and anti-sliding performance testing of highway, it’s designed and made according to the ASTM and BS standards. It’s kind of …

  Description The Laboratory Jaw Crusher is used to crush various kinds of rocks with compression resistances, it’s also widely used in the laboratory of metallurgical, mining, building materials and chemical industry etc. It’s kind of very common general crushing …

Standards complaince: ASTM D36, T0606-2000 Model: LY-0606 Description The softening point tester, also called as the the ring and ball apparatus, is mainly used to determine the softening point of asphalt, coal pitch, also it’s suitable for resin and grease. …

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