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1200℃ Multi Station Tube Resistance Furnace

multistation electric tube resistance furnace


Model: GL-1200D


This multi station vacuum tube furnace is comprised of two part, the upper part furnace tube can rotate by 360°, the lower is electric control part. Easy to place sample and to observe the test. The hearth material is made of high purity alumina fiber, molybdenum alloys heating wire, four plane heating; stainless steel vacuum flange sealing, thermal insulation plug at two ends, air inlet and outlet at flange. This furnace can be tilted rotation to let the sample heat sufficiently, can connect with computer to let computer to control the operation of single or multi furnace, real time tracking, historic record, output test report.


Powder sintering, ceramic sintering, high temperature test, quality test.

Technical Specifications

Working temperature 1100℃
Highest temperature 1200℃
Furnace tube size Φ50mmx600mm
Sample size 400×260×600mm   (or customized)
Temperature control system Pid 30 stages programmable automatic control
Temperature protection  over temperature thermocouple broken alarming function
Temperature accuracy ± 1℃
Heating rate 0~20 ℃ / min
Heating area length 200mm
Vacuum sealing system  

Equipped with stainless steel vacuum sealing flange, stainless steel stop valve at air inlet and outlet end. Vacuum degree:

10-2 torr ( mechanical pump );

10-5 torr(  molecular pump )

Heating element Molybdenum alloys heating wire
Power supply Ac 220v, 50 hz
Max power 2kw
Heating element  k type platinum rhodium thermocouple temperature measurement
Air tightness 4.03×10-3pa
Net weight 30 kg
Furnace tube Gas forming quzrtz corundum furnace tube
Furnace cover temperature ≤45℃
Standard accessories Vacuum pump, vacuum flange, vacuum gauge, plug
Electric certification CE

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